Major Industrial Projects

A&P Food Processing Plant
1,500,000 sq. ft. pre-cast concrete multi structure food processing plant completed in 6 months. Asbestos Abatement including window caulk, sealant, floor tiles, black mastic and door gaskets
AK Steel Plant
600,000 sq. ft. Mass demolition of steel processing plant. Select demolition and removal of 4 rolling mills, 2 pickle buildings, shipping and office buildings and 2 overhead cranes.
Alumax Dunkirk, NY
250,000 sq. ft. Complete Demolition of Aluminum Extrusion Facility. Asbestos abatement including piping, caulking, mastic, roofing, flashing, and spray on insulation
Asset Reduction Plant
800,000 sq. ft. rolling mill facility. Removal of asbestos pipe insulation, caulk, mastic, debris.
Buffalo Forge Buffalo, NY
175,000 sf Buffalo Forge manufacturing facility. Asbestos Abatement including pipe related, roofing/flashing and floor tile
Eastland Mall Pittsburgh, PA
940,000 Sq. ft. Mall Complex including mall building, theater and restaurant demolition project. Asbestos abatement including floor tile, ceiling tile, etc.
General Motors Corp. Flint Truck Assembly Plant
150,000 sq. ft. Demolition of entire production line. Asbestos abatement of pipe, transite panels, caulk and vessel insulation.
Industrial Complex, Syracuse, NY
6 Building industrial complex totaling 150,000 sq. ft. Demolition of all buildings. Asbestos abatement including floor tile, plaster, roofing, tar, window glazing, pipes insulation and doors
Midtown Plaza Complex
Multi-use complex consisting of a 19 story tower, five 6-7 story office buildings, 2 story mall and 3 level underground parking garage. Asbestos and hazardous materials abatement and complete gutting of a 2.5mm sq. ft. commercial complex scheduled for demolition.
Mobile Paper Mill Plant (Mobile, AL)
900,000 sq. ft. structural demolition of multiple structures and storage tanks. Environmental remediation of above ground fuel oil (No.6 oil) storage tanks. Identifying, removal, transportation and disposal of non-hazardous universal waste materials including, light fixtures, bulbs, ballasts, PCB ballasts, instrumentation controls and mercury switches.
NY Power Station
950,000 sq. ft. full decommissioning, demolition and environmental remediation of a 500 mega watt power plant.
Paper Mill Testing Facility
Dismantlement, destroy, document, and disposal of proprietary test facility for paper mill production line. Removal of universal waste including, lights, bulbs, ballasts, instrumentation controls, etc.
Onondaga Cogeneration
Two Boiler Cogeneration Facility (active plant). Completed decommission and dismantlement of two complete boilers.
Roblin Steel Site Tonawanda, NY
10 Acre former steel fabricating facility. Industrial cleaning and removal of concrete quenching pond, sumps, and pits. Complete site remediation and removal of building and equipment foundations
Rochester Gas and Electric Operations Center
250,000 sq. ft. multi story concrete and steel operation center demolition project. Asbestos abatement including pipe related, caulking/mastic, floor tile, roofing/flashing and vessel covering
Roehlen Engraving Buffalo, NY
250,000 sq. ft. industrial facility. Asbestos abatement including caulking, mastic and floor tile
Spaulding Fibre Plant
500,000 sq. ft. Demolition of multiple structure manufacturing facility. Asbestos abatement including pipe insulation, roofing/flash, vessel, caulk, ceiling tiles and VAT/mastic
Vesuvius Buffalo Facility Buffalo, NY
145,000 sf building carbon plant. Asbestos Abatement including caulking/mastic, pipe related and roofing/flashing