NY Power Station

Project: NY Power Station
Location: NY
Facility Type: Power Plant
Project Descriptions: Decommissioning of Entire Power Plant
Highlights: 950,000 sq. ft. full decommissioning, demolition and environmental remediation of a 500 mega watt power plant consisting of 12 interconnected building, 5 boiler houses, precipitators, tank farm, transformers, ash and coal handling equipment, stacks, waste water treatment plant, and coal pile situated on 60 acre site

500 ft concrete stack implosion situated 35 ft from an active CSX line

Asbestos abatement of all structures, boilers, pipe racks, and tank farm

Remediation and management of all hazardous and non-hazardous waste including chemicals, paints, solvents, oils, grease, fuels, PCBs, transformer oils and universal waste including lights, bulbs, ballasts, instrumentation controls and mercury switches

Decommission and remediation of Waste Water Treatment Plant

Removal, transporting (by rail) and disposal of fly ash, contaminated coal, unsuitable soils and import fill replacement, site preparation for future development. Excavating, transport and screening for recycle-reuse for potential fuel energy source.

Marine demolition and removal of Intake structures, equipment and sheet piling channels.

Recycling (crushing) all hard-fill tons under accepted DEC Beneficial Reuse Determination, backfill, compaction and final stabilization of site.

Engineered, implemented and maintained Storm Water Pollution Protection Plan and Storm Water Discharge Plan approved and monitored by the DEC along one of New York's significant waterways