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About Us

Cambria Contracting Inc. has evolved into one of the nationలemier contractor for decommissioning, demolition, quality remediation, and site preparation services.

However, for us there is no finish line. We want to go above and beyond everyoneॸpectations. This means our professional team is committed to providing our customers with quality, cost effective solutions to their demolition, environmental and salvage recovery projects.

Each facet of the project is analyzed to enable the customer to make informed decisions based upon a comprehensive review of the project.

The use of state of the art, company owned equipment, specialized techniques and hard work insure your project is completed on schedule.

As a member of the National Demolition Association and OSEA, our safety and management team is focused on a safe productive work site. Our employees continually participate in safety training keeping them up to date on new procedures, law and regulations.

Cambria Contracting୯st important job is to build a successful business relationship with our customers. We stand behind our commitment to Safety, Service and Success.