Environmental Remediation

Cambria Contracting offers a complete range of environmental services. Encountering and handling hazardous materials is an inseparable part of the demolition and site preparation experience, yet many of our competitors choose to subcontract this scope of work because of the advanced technical skills, techniques and certifications required.

Our proven track record, skilled work force and specialized equipment insures our customers a worry free cost effective solution to their environmental concerns.

Technician quantifies a bulk storage tank prior to extracting sulfuric acid chemicals to be recycled for reuse. Tank is fully decommissioned, documented, dismantled and scraped for salvage or will be inspected and transported for reuse. Crew setting up vac truck system to begin fly ash and sludge removal in hydro bins prior to final pressure wash cleaning. Material is collected and retained in attached enclosed roll off containers to be transported and disposed at a Municipal Solid Waste Landfill. A portable truck wash is utilized to ensure no contaminates leave the site. Water is filtered and sediment is collected for legal disposal at a MSW Landfill.